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Comings & Goings

Sally Rugala

The newest member of Flow Science’s team is Sally Rugala. Sally joined the staff in September and is working with Ron Harper porting FLOW-3D to the many supported platforms, testing and documenting. She has been busy automating a lot of our current procedures, and in the future will help out with customer support, system administration, and licensing problems. Sally, a New Mexico native, graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from the University of Maryland. Welcome aboard, Sally!

Upcoming Shows & Meetings

November 1-2, 2004—NIP20: International Conference on Digital Printing Technology, sponsored by the Society for Imaging Science and Technology. Held at the Little America Hotel and Towers in Salt Lake City, UT. FSI's Dave Souders will be there in Booth #202.

November 4, 2004—FLOW-3D Conference 2004. Hosted by SEA Corp. in Tokyo, Japan. Go to the SEA Corp website for more details on the conference.

November 8, 2004—FLOW-3D Conference, Hosted by HyperINFO Corp. in Taipei, Taiwan. Go to the HyperINFO web site for more details on the conference.

New Representative in Finland & Scandinavia

VTT Industrial Systems, a long-time representative for FLOW-3D in Finland and Scandinavia, which is undergoing comprehensive reorganization efforts has decided to spin-off some of its technology business. A new company, Simtech Inc. Oy, has been formed to carry forward both the development and marketing of certain software products developed under VTT’s umbrella (such as ConiferCast), as well as to represent FLOW-3D in Finland and Scandinavia. Simtech is headed by Mr. Matti Sirvio, a former VTT employee. Congratulations and best wishes are in order for Matti in his new endeavors!