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Breaking News: 2004 FLOW-3D User's Conference

2004 FLOW-3D World Users Conference in Chicago

Dan Gessler and Tony Hirt at the 2004 FLOW-3D World Users Conference
FSI founder and the News'
editor Tony Hirt visits

with Dan Gessler

FLOW-3D users gather at the 2004 FLOW-3D World Users Conference
Geir J. Rørtveit, Michael
Barkhudarov, Rabi Bhola,
and Boris Lukezic

FLOW-3D users share a laugh at the 2004 FLOW-3D World Users Conference
Carlos Esparza, Valter Garetto,
and Matteo Corrado share a laugh

Flow Science held its 2004 FLOW-3D Users Conference on September 20-21 in Chicago, Illinois. In addition to presentations by Flow Science staff on upcoming features in Version 9.0 and on the soon-to-be-released cluster version, FLOW-3D/MP, there were numerous and varied presentations by users showing results of their work with FLOW-3D.

Presentations were made by users showing results in a nice variety of industrial applications of FLOW-3D:

In addition to the user presentations, Flow Science's Michael Barkhudarov detailed the many new features coming in FLOW-3D Version 9.0, while Tony Hirt laid out a roadmap for future FLOW-3D developments. Joining John Ditter to discuss the upcoming cluster version, FLOW-3D/MP, was Dr. Anthony Skjellum, Chief Software Architect for Verari Systems, Inc., of Birmingham, AL. Interested in receiving a copy of the CD-ROM with the  presentations? Contact us at Flow Science!