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2014 FLOW-3D Americas Users Conference 14th FLOW-3D European Users Conference 2014 FLOW-3D Americas Users Conference

Welcome to Flow Science, a leading provider of computational fluid dynamics solutions. Flow Science's flagship CFD software, FLOW-3D, provides a powerful tool for complex fluid modeling problems. FLOW-3D enables highly accurate simulations of free-surface flows using TruVOF, the original and true form of the Volume-of-Fluid technique.

FLOW-3D CFD Modeling Software

FLOW-3D provides flow simulation solutions for engineers investigating the dynamic behavior of liquids and gases in a wide range of industrial applications and physical processes. FLOW-3D specializes in the solution of time-dependent (transient), free-surface problems in one, two and three dimensions, and models confined flows and steady-state problems.


FLOW-3D/MP v5.0 enables engineers to take advantage of the scaling potential of the software on multi-core clusters. FLOW-3D/MP v5.0 offers users substantial performance and scaling improvements compared to standard FLOW-3D v10.1 for workstations and to the prior release of FLOW-3D/MP, v4.2.

FLOW-3D Cast - Casting Simulation Software

FLOW-3D Cast is a special version of FLOW-3D designed specifically for casting process simulation. It combines an easy-to-use interface with the powerful solver capabilities of FLOW-3D.