Hydraulic, Water Resource and Coastal Engineering Applications

This webinar from Flow Science introduces FLOW-3D‘s numerical modeling capabilities in the context of hydraulic, water resource and coastal engineering applications. Professionals in these industries, particularly those with an interest in numerical modeling but who do not currently take full advantage of the detailed, accurate, three dimensional solutions offered by software such as FLOW-3D, should find this short presentation very informative. We will focus on presenting a broad set of hydraulics related applications and physics that can be tackled using FLOW-3D and will also demonstrate the software’s ease of use and versatility. The final slides are devoted to parallel up-scaling and high performance computing using the recently released FLOW-3D/MP v5 parallel version of FLOW-3D. Throughout the course of the presentation we will highlight how the computation of detailed simulations of large scale problems can now be run in a matter of days or even hours on modern desktop computers.