Custom CFD Development

For those whose modeling needs exceed even the broad capabilities of FLOW-3D, Flow Science offers expert development services. Flow Science has an extensive history of contracting to explore new approaches and developing unique solutions. Such customizations can be cost-shared (where the resulting code becomes part of the general release of FLOW-3D), or the rights to the development can remain the exclusive property of the client. Flow Science has well-developed procedures for protection of competition-sensitive data and information.

For those who have the know-how and interest, self-help custom solutions are also possible. Flow Science makes substantial segments of source routines available for users to modify and then recompile their own customized version of FLOW-3D.

If you are interested in exploring the possibilities of custom CFD development, please contact us at or 1-505-982-0088 to speak with our engineering staff.

Consulting Partners

We know that some companies may not be prepared to take simulation software in-house, either because they lack the resources or because their needs for flow modeling are limited to a single or small number of projects. For these cases, Flow Science maintains relationships with a number of high quality consulting firms that offer CFD services to industries using FLOW-3D. If you are interested in CFD consulting services in an area other than those listed, please contact us at or 1-505-982-0088, and we may be able to connect you with an experienced FLOW-3D user who can help.


United States
PMD Technology
Email: Don Jaekle

Metal Casting

North America
AlchemCast LLC
(iron and aluminum sand casting)
(334) 887-6974
Email: Charles Bates

Bholster Technologies Ltd
(casting simulation, product and process development)
(416) 909-2027
Email: Rabi Bhola

Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark & Iceland
Hänninen Engineering Oy
I-Park, Vaasantie 6 67100 Kokkola, Finland
358 50 407 2769
Email: Jyrki Hänninen

Auspicium Co., Ltd.

Water & Environmental

United Kingdom
Minerva Dynamics

+44 (0) 1225 667273
Email: Peter Arnold