Whether you have a short-term project, want to understand how FLOW-3D or FLOW-3D Cast can be applied to a specific area of interest, or want to take your current use of FLOW-3D to the next level with FLOW-3D/MP, our team of highly-trained CFD engineers is ready to show you how we can help with your modeling needs.

Contact our CFD Engineers today or call us at 505-982-0088.

If you are interested in a teaching license or wondering how Flow Science can support your research or thesis project, our Academic Program offers students and professors in the US and Canada free licenses. Visit the Academic page to learn more about the terms of this program.

If you are located outside of the USA, Canada or Latin America excluding Brazil, we have a local authorized Distributor that will work with you. Explore our Distributors listed in the right-hand menu. If you don’t see your nation listed please feel free to contact us.