Microfluidics Case Studies

Printhead performance - simulation vs. experimentalChallenges, smaller than the naked eye, are what our customers using FLOW-3D to model microfluidics applications, face every day. FLOW-3D allows these engineers and scientists to model what they cannot replicate in the laboratory to be able to validate life-saving medical devices, study inkjet formation and in some cases, model the naked eye.

Sometimes the smallest problems are the biggest to solve… but FLOW-3D can help.

FLOW-3D has provided excellent qualitative agreement, based on visual observations, as well as good quantitative trend prediction. Just as important, the software accurately predicts design sensitivities. As a result, FLOW-3D has provided valuable insight in support of the advanced research and development activities at Kodak.
– Christopher Delametter, Senior Research Scientist, Eastman Kodak Company