The FLOW-3D Bibliography contains an extensive collection of technical publications that contain FLOW-3D results. We have created this resource (thanks to all our users) to help both our customers and those interested in learning more about our software to help guide future developments using CFD software.  Many of these papers are available for download while others must be purchased through the publisher’s website. Explore the articles using FLOW-3D results in a variety of industries using the menu on the right.

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Featured Technical Paper!

This paper summarises the results of collaborative research on investment casting of widely used platinum alloys (platinum with 5 wt% ruthenium (Pt-5Ru) and platinum with 5 wt% cobalt (Pt-5Co)) for jewellery purposes. To enable the simulation of the casting process, a materials database was developed as a first step. Casting simulation tools based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) were used to optimise the casting process parameters and develop an improved understanding of their role. Selected casting trials were conducted using industrial tilt and centrifugal casting machines and the casting process was monitored in detail. Dedicated tree setups for the different machines were optimised using the casting simulation tools. The form-filling, surface quality and microstructure and porosity of the cast items were analysed to investigate the role of different casting parameters and geometrical conditions in the different casting setups. The casting simulation results led to a deeper understanding of the experimental casting results.

14-15   Tiziana Heiss, Ulrich E. Klotz and Dario Tiberto, Platinum Investment Casting, Part I: Simulation and Experimental Study of the Casting Process, Johnson Matthey Technol. Rev., 2015, 59, (2), 95, doi:10.1595/205651315×687399