The FLOW-3D Bibliography contains an extensive collection of technical publications that contain FLOW-3D results. We have created this resource (thanks to all our users) to help both our customers and those interested in learning more about our software to help guide future developments using CFD software.  Many of these papers are available for download while others must be purchased through the publisher’s website. Explore the articles using FLOW-3D results in a variety of industries using the menu on the right.

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Featured Technical Paper!

Magnetohydrodynamic Liquid Metal Jet Printing

We introduce a novel method for drop-on-demand (DOD) printing of molten metal droplets into 3D objects. In this approach, solid metal is pre-heated within a printhead to form a reservoir of liquid metal that feeds a nozzle chamber. Once the chamber is filled, a pulsed magnetic field is applied that permeates the chamber and induces a magnetohydrodynamic (MHD)-based pressure pulse within the liquid metal that causes a portion of the metal to be ejected through the nozzle. The ejected metal forms into a droplet with a velocity in the range of several meters per second, depending on the applied pressure. The droplet is projected onto a substrate where it cools to form a solid mass. 3D solid structures can be printed via patterned deposition and drop-wise solidification. In this presentation, we demonstrate a prototype MHD printing system along with sample printed structures. We discuss the underlying physics governing drop generation and present computational models for predicting device performance.

  63-15   Scott Vader, Zachary Vader, Ioannis H. Karampelas and Edward P. Furlani, Magnetohydrodynamic Liquid Metal Jet Printing, TechConnect World Innovation Conference & Expo, Washington, D.C., June 14-17, 2015