FLOW-3D/MP engine block simulation

Speed up your simulations with FLOW-3D/MP

FLOW-3D/MP enables engineers to take advantage of the power of FLOW-3D on high-performance compute clusters to tackle problems with very large domains or long time scales. Hybrid parallelization of the FLOW-3D solver uses both Message Passing Interface (MPI) and OpenMP to achieve maximum parallelization. The physical domain is decomposed into blocks or MPI domains, which are associated with MPI processes and assigned to nodes on a cluster. Within nodes, the MPI processes spawn threads and perform multi-threaded calculations using OpenMP directives. The physical models and numerical methods of FLOW-3D/MP v5.0 are based on FLOW-3D v10.1.

Highlights of FLOW-3D/MP v5.0

  • Developed and optimized for the latest multi-core architecture
  • Parallelization based on the Hybrid MPI-OpenMP methodology
  • Automatic Decomposition Tool allows directional decomposition
  • True Domain Decomposition
  • Full compatibility with the FLOW-3D v10.1 GUI for post-processing results


FLOW-3D/MP is Intel Cluster ReadyHigh performance clusters offer significant performance gains over typical desktop computers but can be quite complex to configure. There are many choices for operating systems, middleware, interconnects, memory, and storage. Intel Corporation operates the Intel Cluster Ready certification program to assure users that hardware and software will work correctly together. Hardware that displays the Intel Cluster Ready logo is assured to run software which is also certified as Cluster Ready. FLOW-3D/MP v5.0 is certified Cluster Ready.