FLOW-3D Cast Features

FLOW-3D Cast is available in three packages: BASIC, EXTENDED and ADVANCED.

FLOW-3D Cast Features Relevant to All Packages

  • Highly-accurate flow and solidification results
  • Automatic meshing for easy model setup
  • Material libraries for metals, molds, filters and risers
  • FlowSight, a state-of-the-art postprocessor



  • Multi-block meshing, up to 5 mesh blocks
  • Filling, including viscous turbulence and surface tension effects
  • Solidification and heat transfer
  • Expandable database for cast alloys, molds, etc.
  • Chills, isolating sleeves and exothermic reactions
  • Temperature-dependent properties
  • Filters for flow control
  • Track oxide formation and defects
  • Identify filling & solidification related porosity
  • Natural convection of molten metal before solidification
  • Cast iron solidification
  • Flow tracers
  • Particle modeling


  • All BASIC features, PLUS
  • Unlimited mesh blocks for accurate and efficient simulations
  • Filling and solidification analysis for high pressure die castings
  • Trapped gases and venting effects
  • Thermal die cycling to determine mold temperature distribution and optimization of cooling lines for temperature control
  • Optimize shot sleeve performance and apply motion to simulations for the most accurate capturing of filling possible
  • Lost foam castings and associated foam defects
  • Permeable mold model for modeling air escape during filling
  • Six-degrees-of-freedom motion for prescribed shot sleeve and complex ladle pouring motion


  • All BASIC & EXTENDED features, PLUS
  • Binary segregation
  • Capture core gas release and associated defects
  • Sand core blowing
  • Model moisture drying in molds and cores
  • Enhanced viscous effects including non-Newtonian viscosity, shear thinning/thickening and thixotropic flows
  • Heating due to viscous shear
  • Thermal and mechanically induced stresses and distortions