Casting Validations

Gravity Casting Validation

A gravity casting simulation compared with the reconstruction of the real filling, based on thermocoupled data. Courtesy of XC Engineering and Peugeot PSA.

Foundry: Simulating a Flow Fill Pattern

Side-by-side comparison of X-ray fill and a FLOW-3D Cast filling simulation. Three-dimensional gravity filling of a sand mold with A356 aluminum alloy. The color is metal pressure. Simulation results are shown in the vertical plane of symmetry. X-rays courtesy of Modeling of Casting, Welding, and Advanced Solidification Processes VII, London, 1995.

X-ray validation of a sand mold filling

X-ray validation of a sand mold filling

HPDC: Flow Pattern

Short shot compared to simulation results show good correlation. Courtesy of Littler Diecast Corporation.

Short sleeve validation - simulation versus casting part

Short sleeve validation – simulation versus casting part

HPDC Validation Showing Air Entrapment Defects

This customer validation courtesy of Antrametal shows a comparison of simulation to experimental results using FLOW-3D Cast‘s Air Entrapment model. It is an HPDC of a front cover to an electric motor for a washing machine. The air-related defects are shown qualitatively in the coloring of the image. Physical air pockets captured by other numerical capabilities within FLOW-3D Cast are also clearly represented.


Successful comparison of casting simulation versus experimental results courtesy of Antrametal.

Modeling Air Entrapment

X-ray validation of an oil filter housing for a diesel engine, 380 die cast alloy. Results are colored by percent of entrained air. The detailed area in the X-ray shows the maximum porosity concentration.

Metal casting defect validation

X-ray vs. FLOW-3D Cast validation of an oil filter housing for a diesel engine.

Simulation vs. Short Shot


Validation snapshots of actual casting parts vs. FLOW-3D Cast simulations. From left to right: A transmission housing, an oil pan and an auto part.

Validating a High Pressure Die Casting Filling


HPDC casting validation comparing FLOW-3D results to the actual part

Predicting Die Erosion

Die erosion validation

The area of die erosion due to cavitation was correctly located in a comparison of FLOW-3D Cast results to a real-world case.

Core Drying Validation

BMW core drying simulation

A comparison made by BMW between simulation and experiment of the drying of an inorganic core.

Predicting Lost Foam Filling

Comparison of real time X-ray and FLOW-3D Cast metal flow simulation results on a lost foam L850 Block Bulkhead Slice. Simulation courtesy of GM Powertrain.