Engineers in the energy sector around the world face complex design challenges every day in a wide range of processes for which solutions can be found through computational fluid dynamics. Many of these problems involve free-surface flows for which FLOW-3D is uniquely suited to provide accurate understanding and analysis. These problems include such areas as:

  • Fuel or cargo sloshing inside containers on the high seas
  • Wave effects on offshore platforms
  • Performance optimization for separation devices undergoing 6 DOF motion
  • Design of devices to capture energy from waves

FLOW-3D’s ability to accurately capture free-surface flow dynamics enables engineers to develop new and improved designs in a reasonable amount of time and at an attractive cost versus physical testing. Explore the full list of FLOW-3D‘s modeling capabilities.

HVAC simulation

Transformer room thermal analysis using FLOW-3D; Post-processed with FlowSight.

Energy Simulations