Sloshing & Slamming

The accelerations and loads induced by internal sloshing motions on global seagoing vessels such as LNG carriers are an important factor in safety design of such vessels. Ships can experience significant internal forcing due to such wave sloshing dynamics, where cargo tanks may experience additional loads on their containment system and supporting structures. FLOW-3D‘s Non-Inertial Reference Frame model allows complex motion parameters to be prescribed in order to accurately track fluid motion in a container.

Slamming analysis as well as “green water” (water covering the deck as a result of wave spray or hull over-topping) is a common application of FLOW-3D where FLOW-3D‘s TruVOF approach to these problems provides unique capabilities for engineers in the maritime engineering industry.

FLOW-3D accurately predicts liquid cargo and propellant motion in fuel tanks. Simulation courtesy of Bureau Veritas.