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summer-2015-flow3d-newsletter Summer 2015 FLOW-3D Newsletter -

Learn how to take your simulations to the next level with Active Simulation Control, read about how CM Taricco redesigned a gravity casting mould to prevent metal leakages, enter Flow Science's 35th Anniversary Simulation Contest and delve into understanding sources of error in the Hints and Tips article. Read all this and more in the Summer 2015 FLOW-3D Newsletter

flow-3d-newsletter-spring-2015 Spring 2015 FLOW-3D Newsletter -

In this issue of the FLOW-3D Newsletter, read about the enhancements to the Cavitation Model that will be available in version 11.1, a compelling case study about designing fish ladders that overcome barriers to fish migration, and a hints and tips article that explains how to use tabular data for faster indexing. Read these articles and more in the Spring 2015 FLOW-3D Newsletter.

hellebusch-tool-and-die-case-study Winter 2015 FLOW-3D News -

A case study from Hellebusch Tooling and Die about reducing ejection time to increase productivity, a development note about FLOW-3D's new capabilities to simulate mooring lines, and a hints and tips tutorial on how to bin particles for tasks such as representing inoculants in castings, showing the settling of suspended solids in clarifiers, and representing fish in rivers are part of this issue of the FLOW-3D Newsletter.

fall-2014-flow3d-newsletter Fall 2014 FLOW-3D News -

The latest edition of the FLOW-3D Newsletter features a 3D dam breaking validation study from Minerva Dynamics, a discussion of practical applications with new hydraulic boundary conditions, and a hints and tips article on how to initialize metal without using an .STL file. Read these articles, plus more news from Flow Science.