Recent Webinars

modeling-spillways-webinar Modeling Spillways, Stilling Basins and Hydraulic Controls Webinar -

With a long history of successful use within the dam and river hydraulics industry, FLOW-3D is a popular modeling tool used by professionals to numerically model the flow in and around hydraulic control and energy dissipation structures. In this webinar presentation, we answer a series of questions that address the practical application of CFD modeling for dam-related hydraulic structures.

flow3d-cast-thermal-die-cycle-webinar Thermal Die Cycling Analysis Webinar -

This webinar covers the basics of how to use a Thermal Die Cycle analysis in FLOW-3D Cast to improve the thermal design of your die since the locations and strengths of cooling channels can greatly affect part quality. With FLOW-3D Cast you can quickly test multiple design iterations and determine the best way to move forward through the design process. Then using FlowSight, our state-of-the-art post-processing tool, you can easily visualize and present your results to customers and managers.

municipal-and-hydraulics-modeling Municipal and Wastewater Hydraulics Modeling Webinar -

This webinar demonstrates the how to’s of modeling municipal and wastewater hydraulics in FLOW-3D. The webinar shows how CFD software is used by professionals to design and analyze municipal hydraulic systems quickly and effectively, resulting in accurate engineering insights, cost savings and less reliance on physical modeling. We will explore real-world examples of simulating wet-tunnel hydraulics, combined sewer overflows, and air entrainment and performance analyses in grit removal chambers to help you determine how to incorporate CFD into your workflow.

Watch the FLOW-3D Cast Webinar -

This webinar focuses on what is new in FLOW-3D Cast Version 4.0, Flow Science's latest release for metal casting applications. With an improved graphical user interface, a new post-processing tool and a number of additions to the solver, this version streamlines the user’s workflow and increases simulation efficiency.

Municipal Applications Webinar -

This webinar focuses on municipal applications of FLOW-3D with examples of combined sewer overflow analysis, drop shaft air entrainment modeling, drop-shaft vortex formation, as well as municipal tank applications focusing on mixing, hydraulic efficiency analysis, and sediment deposition and entrainment analysis for clarifying applications.

Optimizing Design and Operation of Hydraulics Structures -

In this webinar, Flow Science engineers discuss two successful hydraulics projects using FLOW-3D, a high level CFD simulation tool. This demonstration covers a successful fish ladder renovation project and the evaluation of a spillway's performance during revised PMF conditions.