Recent Webinars

St. Francis Dam Break Analysis Webinar - This webinar demonstrates how FLOW-3D handles catastrophic dam break flooding events using several methods including full 3D solutions and shallow water and hybrid methods.
Mapping Hydraulic Zones of Influence and Thermal Plumes: Towards EPA 316 Compliance - In this webinar we demonstrate the ability, suitability and practicality of the three-dimensional free surface modeling software FLOW-3D to accurately capture the long range upstream and downstream hydrodynamic zones of influence associated with cooling water intake structures (CWIS).
Simulating Aluminum HPDC: Comparing two runner systems and resulting defects - In this webinar, Flow Science engineers discuss successful high pressure die casting projects using FLOW-3D Cast, a highly-accurate casting simulation software for filling, solidification, and stress analysis.
Hydraulic, Water Resource and Coastal Engineering Applications - This webinar from Flow Science introduces FLOW-3D's numerical modeling capabilities in the context of hydraulic, water resource and coastal engineering applications.