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flip-bucket-spillway.fw 2014 FLOW-3D Americas Users Conference - The 2014 FLOW-3D Americas Users Conference will be held September 9-10, 2014 in Toronto, ON at the Courtyard Marriott Downtown Toronto. Advanced training for the water & environmental industry will be held on September 8th.
Speakers Announced for the 2014 FLOW-3D Americas Users Conference Press Release - SANTA FE, NM, July 30, 2014 Flow Science has announced the speakers for its 2014 FLOW-3D Americas Users Conference, to be held on September 9-10 at the Courtyard Marriott Downtown Toronto, in Toronto, ON, Canada.
Watch the FLOW-3D Cast Webinar - This webinar focuses on what is new in FLOW-3D Cast Version 4.0, Flow Science's latest release for metal casting applications. With an improved graphical user interface, a new post-processing tool and a number of additions to the solver, this version streamlines the user’s workflow and increases simulation efficiency.
Municipal Applications Webinar - This webinar focuses on municipal applications of FLOW-3D with examples of combined sewer overflow analysis, drop shaft air entrainment modeling, drop-shaft vortex formation, as well as municipal tank applications focusing on mixing, hydraulic efficiency analysis, and sediment deposition and entrainment analysis for clarifying applications.
flow-science-inc.fw Flow Science Receives Accelerated Venture Funding - Flow Science is among ten New Mexico businesses who have been named winners of the 2014 Venture Acceleration Fund (VAF) awards. VAF was initiated in 2006 by Los Alamos National Security, LLC (LANS), the company that manages Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), to stimulate the economy by supporting growth oriented companies.
conforming-mesh.fw Conference Proceedings Available - The conference proceedings from the 14th FLOW-3D European Users Conference are now available through the website.
cast-v4.fw FLOW-3D Cast v4 Released! - A major release, FLOW-3D Cast v4 provides you many new tools to improve your castings, including a new thermal stress model, multiple improvements for modeling cooling channels in your dies, improved capabilities for modeling the generation of gasses from sand cores, and much more.
Simulating Wave Interaction with Solid Structures - Flow Science sales engineers discuss how FLOW-3D's unique features make it ideally suited for simulating wave interaction with solid structures. FLOW-3D is a computational fluid dynamics software that can be used to accurately model the 3-D motion of solid structures dynamically coupled with water.
Advanced CFD Simulations in Biotechnology - This webinar illustrates the benefits of using computational fluid dynamics as an auxiliary R&D tool for simulating processes within pharmaceutical, biomedical and drug delivery industries.
Hydraulic, Water Resource and Coastal Engineering Applications - This webinar from Flow Science introduces FLOW-3D's numerical modeling capabilities in the context of hydraulic, water resource and coastal engineering applications.
Simulating Aluminum HPDC: Comparing two runner systems and resulting defects - In this webinar, Flow Science engineers discuss successful high pressure die casting projects using FLOW-3D Cast, a highly-accurate casting simulation software for filling, solidification, and stress analysis.
Mapping Hydraulic Zones of Influence and Thermal Plumes: Towards EPA 316 Compliance - In this webinar we demonstrate the ability, suitability and practicality of the three-dimensional free surface modeling software FLOW-3D to accurately capture the long range upstream and downstream hydrodynamic zones of influence associated with cooling water intake structures (CWIS).
St. Francis Dam Break Analysis Webinar - This webinar demonstrates how FLOW-3D handles catastrophic dam break flooding events using several methods including full 3D solutions and shallow water and hybrid methods.
flow3d-v11.fw FLOW-3D v11 Release - A major release, FLOW-3D v11 features a state-of-the-art postprocessor, FlowSight™, advanced meshing capabilities, a new sediment transport and erosion model and many more numerical solutions designed to help our customers continue to innovate, design, and research.
flow-science-tradeshows.fw 2014 Trade Show Attendance - Flow Science and its world-wide distributors exhibit at tradeshows throughout the world. Visit this page to learn where you can meet us to learn more about the FLOW-3D product family.
flow-3d-training.fw 2014 Software Training Classes - Flow Science offers comprehensive training classes every month at its office in Santa Fe. Online registration is available.
taiwan-users-conference.fw 2014 FLOW-3D Users Conference Taiwan - The 2014 FLOW-3D Users Conference Taiwan will be held at the Howard Civil Service International House in Taipei, Taiwan on October 30, 2014. The conference will begin at 10:00 am on Thursday, October 30 with different application of presentations from FLOW-3D users in Taiwan.
korean-users-conference.fw 2014 FLOW-3D Users Conference in Korea - The 2014 FLOW-3D Users Conference in Korea will be held on October 28 in Seoul, Korea.
Flow Science Japan 2014 FLOW-3D Users Conference in Japan - The 2014 FLOW-3D Users Conference in Japan will be held October 24 at the Tokyo Conference Center Shinagawa.