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FLOW-3D-Americas-Users-Conferences-Denver-Montreal 2015 FLOW-3D Americas Users Conferences -

Flow Science will be offering two locations for its 2015 FLOW-3D Americas Users Conferences, one in Denver on September 22 and one in Montreal on September 25. Free FlowSight training will be offered the day before both conferences. The call for abstracts is now open! Register by August 14 to receive the early-bird registration rate.

15th FLOW-3D European Users Conference in Nice, France 15th FLOW-3D European Users Conference -

The 15th FLOW-3D European Users Conference will be held June 2-3, 2015 at the Hotel Westminster in Nice, France. A half-day of FlowSight training will be offered the afternoon of June 1. We invite all FLOW-3D and FLOW-3D Cast users and those interested in learning more about our software products to join us for a stimulating CFD conference in the heart of the French Riviera. The call for abstracts is now open! Register by April 17 to receive the early-bird registration rate.

FLOW-3D training classes 2015 Software Training Classes -

Flow Science offers comprehensive training classes every month at its office in Santa Fe. Online registration is available. The next classes are scheduled for June 2-4 (introductory) and July 7-9: (FLOW-3D Cast). Half-day sessions of personalized consultation are also available.

15th FLOW-3D European Users Conference in Nice, France Presenters for the 15th FLOW-3D European Users Conference -

We are pleased to announce this year’s presenters for the 15th FLOW-3D European Users Conference; their topics and breadth of experience using FLOW-3D promise an exciting and informative conference. FLOW-3D users from both the commercial and academic arenas will present and discuss their work, including topics such as modeling reservoirs, simulating medical devices, and solving manufacturing issues (automotive and metal casting applications) using FLOW-3D. Speakers from Roche Diagnostics, Reutter GmbH, CIE Automotive, Protesa, and a variety of leading research institutions are part of a diverse lineup of presenters. In addition to the work presented by our customers, Flow Science representatives will present current and upcoming developments for the software.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Engineer -

Flow Science is now hiring for the position of a Computational Fluid Dynamics Engineer. The focus of this position is on providing first-rate customer support, training and documentation for our commercial general-purpose CFD software package, FLOW-3D. Experience in the use of a commercial CFD code, either in industry or university settings, will be a very positive attribute; some experience in the water and environmental industry is a plus.

gifa Flow Science at GIFA -

Please visit us at GIFA 2015 in Hall 12/D43. Flow Science will be accompanied by our distributors throughout Europe: Flow Science Deutschland, XC Engineering, Simulaciones y Proyectos, IOG Engineering, Econocap, and Russian Industrial Company. Request an e-voucher or schedule an appointment so that we can demonstrate the power of FLOW-3D Cast to simulate a wide-variety of metal casting processes.

Flow Science Extends Association with Flow Science Deutschland GMBH -

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO, May 12, 2015. Flow Science, Inc. announced today that it has extended its representation agreement with Flow Science Deutschland GmbH for FLOW-3D software products to include Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. Flow Science Deutschland already represents Flow Science in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Flow Science Deutschland works in close cooperation with many leading research institutes and major industrial partners on joint research projects as well as provides CFD consulting services.

modeling-spillways-webinar Modeling Spillways, Stilling Basins and Hydraulic Controls Webinar -

With a long history of successful use within the dam and river hydraulics industry, FLOW-3D is a popular modeling tool used by professionals to numerically model the flow in and around hydraulic control and energy dissipation structures. In this webinar presentation, we answer a series of questions that address the practical application of CFD modeling for dam-related hydraulic structures.

flow-3d-newsletter-spring-2015 Spring 2015 FLOW-3D Newsletter -

In this issue of the FLOW-3D Newsletter, read about the enhancements to the Cavitation Model that will be available in version 11.1, a compelling case study about designing fish ladders that overcome barriers to fish migration, and a hints and tips article that explains how to use tabular data for faster indexing. Read these articles and more in the Spring 2015 FLOW-3D Newsletter.

hydraulic-laboratory-tour Hydraulic Laboratory Tour -

In conjunction with the 2015 FLOW-3D Americas Users Conference in Denver, a tour at the Bureau of Reclamation’s hydraulic laboratory will be offered the morning of September 21 at 10-11:30 am. This tour is free with your conference registration, but you must sign up by Friday, August 28 in order to participate. The attendance at the tour is limited to 40 people, so be sure to sign up early!

flow3d-cast-thermal-die-cycle-webinar Thermal Die Cycling Analysis Webinar -

This webinar covers the basics of how to use a Thermal Die Cycle analysis in FLOW-3D Cast to improve the thermal design of your die since the locations and strengths of cooling channels can greatly affect part quality. With FLOW-3D Cast you can quickly test multiple design iterations and determine the best way to move forward through the design process. Then using FlowSight, our state-of-the-art post-processing tool, you can easily visualize and present your results to customers and managers.

Flow Science Forms New Association with Design Through Acceleration -

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO, February 10, 2015. Flow Science, Inc. announced today that it has entered into a new international association agreement with Design Through Acceleration (DTA) to sell and support Flow Science’s FLOW-3D software products in Thailand. “We are pleased to welcome DTA and their highly-skilled engineering team to represent the FLOW-3D family of products and to generate interest in our CFD solutions in Thailand. Our representation in Thailand expands our presence in Asia Pacific, a CFD market that is growing faster than the Americas or Europe,” said Amir Isfahani, Director of Business Development at Flow Science.

municipal-and-hydraulics-modeling Municipal and Wastewater Hydraulics Modeling Webinar -

This webinar demonstrates the how to’s of modeling municipal and wastewater hydraulics in FLOW-3D. The webinar shows how CFD software is used by professionals to design and analyze municipal hydraulic systems quickly and effectively, resulting in accurate engineering insights, cost savings and less reliance on physical modeling. We will explore real-world examples of simulating wet-tunnel hydraulics, combined sewer overflows, and air entrainment and performance analyses in grit removal chambers to help you determine how to incorporate CFD into your workflow.