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Fluid Structure Interaction Simulations

Several fluid structure interaction animations using FLOW-3D's General Moving Objects (GMO) model, with and without collision, are displayed below. You can watch more fluid structure interaction animations on the FLOW-3D Fun Page. Read more about FLOW-3D's capabilities modeling fluid structure interaction.

Prescribed Motion of a Gear (with collision)

This simulation depicts gear-gear and gear-oil interactions in a gear box as an example of fluid structure interaction. The left gear possesses prescribed rotation. The two gears undergo a series of collisions with each other on their teeth causing rotation of the right gear. The right gear's rotation is also affected by its interaction with the motion of the oil.


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Ship with Uneven Density Distribution

The applications for the General Moving Object model have expanded with every release. Version 9.3 gave users the ability to model moving assemblies of components with different densities. In this example, a ship composed of two materials (lesser density in the fore; greater density in the aft) is being modeled.



Log Transport in a Spillway (with collision)

This fluid structure interaction simulation depicts log transport in a spillway. The motion of the logs is dynamically coupled with water flow. Floating logs collide with each other and with the wall, step and bottom of the channel.


Side Launching of Ship (with collision)

This simulation depicts a side launch of a warship from its building site. The slide of the ship with the slipway is treated as a series of micro-collisions and is simulated using the collision model. The floating of the ship is calculated with dynamic coupling with water motion.



Debris Flow (with collision)

This animation depicts stone motion driven by water stream in a stepped channel. The stones experience many collisions between each other and with the channel bottom. The motion of each stone is the result of the combined effect of collision impact, hydraulic force and gravitational force.


Water Wheel

This simulation depicts the flow of water out of a aqueduct and onto a free-turning water wheel, causing the wheel to rotate about its axis. This simulation shows coupled fluid structure interaction with a restraint about a fixed axis.



Ladle Filled with Hot Metal

This simulation depicts the motion of a ladle filled with hot metal moving forward to fill a shot sleeve, and then the motion of the shot piston to drive the metal into a die.


Open Valve

This fluid structure interaction simulation depicts the flow of water through a pipe, causing a valve to open. The valve's motion is about a fixed axis.



Mixing Tank

This simulation of a mixing tank depicts two fluids being stirred by rotating blades. A constant velocity was applied to the impeller.


Buoyant Cubes

This simulation depicts a buoyant cube being dropped into fluid, causing another cube to toss about.



Piston Pump

This FLOW-3D animation shows a 2-D simulation of pump flow. The piston has a prescribed motion which is sinusoidal in time. The two valves move due to the action of hydraulic force, i.e., they are dynamically coupled with the fluid flow. The simulation clearly demonstrates the mechanism of the piston pump moving fluid from a low level tank to a high level tank.


View more examples of fluid structure interaction on the FLOW-3D Fun page.