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FLOW-3D Utilities

Cad2Stl - CAD Translation Software

Cad2Stl is a data file conversion tool developed to enable customers to use files types which are common to and can be edited in many CAD packages. Cad2Stl converts the following file types to STL format, which is the required format for FLOW-3D: IGES (igs, iges), STEP (stp, step), BREP (brep, BREP), Nastran and Abaqus hexahedron/tetrahedron elements, and Autodesk (OBJ and 3DS) Cad2Stl also has the ability to correct reversed normal vectors in the file.

This utility is available for free for all FLOW-3D customers in support and can be downloaded from the Utilties page on the Users Site. Cad2Stl was developed by Flow Science's Japan subsidiary, Flow Science Japan, for FLOW-3D users.

Cad2Stl is a free FLOW-3D utility for CAD translation
Cad2Stl is a free CAD translation utility for FLOW-3D users in support.
Image courtesy Flow Science Japan.


There are four levels of accuracy to be selected and viewed. Each time a file is converted, the STL file created is displayed so the user can determine if it is satisfactory or needs a higher level of refinement. With the improvement in accuracy, the file size increases, but processing time does not increase much. Different file types can be loaded and converted all at once. Also, a dialog opens when the conversion process is completed to load and display the file.

Cad2Stl, a free FLOW-3D utility, provides 4 levels of refinement: rough, default, fine and very fine.
Cad2Stl provides four levels of refinement as shown here (from left to right: rough, default fine, very fine). A course selection is a rougher approximation of the original CAD geometry and a fine selection is the most accurate. Default typically works well.


Material Property Database (MPDB)

FLOW-3D's Material Properties Database by JAHM Software
Material Property Database for FLOW-3D.

The Material Property Database (MPDB) for FLOW-3D is a third-party database that can be purchased from Flow Science as a separate utility compatible with FLOW-3D versions 10 and higher. The software contains a rich collection of temperature-dependent solid material properties that have been collected from the literature. It provides easy access to over 2,600 materials and 21,000 sets of temperature-dependent data for bulk, elastic, thermal properties and more.




MPDB provides access to temperature dependent properties for more than 2600 solid materials.
MPDB provides access to temperature-dependent properties for more than 2600 solid materials.

FLOW-3D's native Fluids and Solids Databases allow the user to load, organize and save fluid and solid properties used within FLOW-3D simulations. The Fluid-Structure Interaction and Thermal Stress Evolution models are dependent on the definition of the elastic and thermal properties of solids. MPDB for FLOW-3D is an exclusive version of MPDB which allows the users to export file formats that are compatible with FLOW-3D’s native databases, and therefore the data exported by MPDB will conveniently appear in FLOW-3D’s databases. MPDB also directly inputs data into SolidWorks, ANSYS Workbench and standard, ABAQUS and Excel.

Export FLOW-3D file formats from the Material Property Database
MPDB for FLOW-3D conveniently exports files that are recognized by FLOW-3D's own databases.

Please contact the Flow Science engineering sales team for more information.

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