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FLOW-3D Cast Capabilities

Features Relevant to All Packages

Features for the BASIC, EXTENDED and ADVANCED Packages

New features for v3.5 are listed in red.

Flow-3D Cast: Basic FLOW-3D Cast: Extended FLOW-3D Cast: Advanced




Multi-block meshing, up to 5 mesh blocks

All BASIC features, PLUS


Gravity pour, low pressure, tilt pour and centrifugal casting

Unlimited mesh blocks for accurate and efficient simulations

Ladle pouring using six-degrees-of-freedom motion

Filling, including viscous turbulence and surface tension effects

Filling and solidification analysis for high pressure die castings

Continuous casting with binary segregation

Solidification and heat transfer

Trapped gases and venting effects

Capturing core gas release and associated defects

Expandable database for cast alloys, molds, etc.

Thermal die cycling to determine mold temperature distribution and optimization of cooling lines for temperature control

Heating due to viscous shear

Natural convection of molten metal before solidification

Optimize shot sleeve performance and apply motion to simulations for the most accurate capturing of filling possible

Enhanced viscous effects including non-Newtonian viscosity, shear thinning/thickening and thixotropic flows

Temperature-dependent properties

Lost foam castings and associated foam defects

Model moisture drying in molds and cores

Identify filing & solidification related porosity

Locate cavitation to determine where die erosion may occur

Sand core blowing

Track oxide formation and defects

Permeable mold model for modeling air escape during filling

Package includes the standard FLOW-3D interface which provides access to all physical models available in the general purpose program enabling a wide range of processes to be modeled.

Chills, isolating sleeves and exothermic reactions


Coming soon! Thermal and mechanical stresses that develop in both the cast material and the die

Filters for flow control



Cast iron solidification



Flow tracers



Particle modeling




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