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Presenters for the 2013 FLOW-3D World Users Conference

Speakers have been announced for the 2013 FLOW-3D World Users Conference. Go here for a list of poster authors and their topics.

Flow Science Development Talks

Advances in Free Gridding Techniques, Casting and Hydraulics Modeling
Michael Barkhudarov, Flow Science (USA)

Re-Envisioning User Interfaces: FLOW-3D, FLOW-3D Cast, and FlowSight™
Amir Isfahani, Flow Science (USA)

User Presentations

3-D Spillway Simulations of Ratle HEP (J&K) for the Assessment of Design Alternatives to be Tested in Model Studies
Amar Pal Singh, Larsen & Toubro Infrastructure (India)

Abutment Scour Simulations by Using FLOW-3D
Burhan Yildiz, Middle East Technical University (Turkey)

Case Studies, High Pressure Die Casting
A. Pari, CRP Private Limited (India)

Comparing Labyrinth Versus Slotted-Weir Baffles in Culverts Using CFD
Bruce Savage, Idaho State University (USA)

Flap Type Wave Power Device in Near Shore Conditions
Stephen Saunders, Ibis Group, Inc (USA)

High Performance Cooling System of the Die Cast Dies
Alex Reikher, Shiloh Industries (USA)

Milford Dam Tailrace 3-D CFD Hydraulic Modeling for Fish Lift Design
Laura L. Rozumalski, Baird and Associates (USA)

Performance, Scalability of FLOW-3D/MP on HPC Cluster Environment
Pak Lui, HPC Advisory Council (USA)

Two Years of Experience with FLOW-3D Baffles for Assessing Power Flow and Total Hydraulic Head in Hydraulic Models
Laurent Bilodeau, Hydro-Québec Équipement (Canada)

Selecting Location of a Coastal Structure using FLOW-3D
Abdulkareem Al-Kaabi, Concordia University (Canada)

Simulating Sleeve Designs for the Best Performance and Life
Mark Littler, Littler Diecast Corporation (USA)

The Application of FLOW-3D in Die Casting Mold Design with Central Gate
Yu-Che Lin, JONSHIN Mold Industrial Studio (Taiwan)

Understanding the Dominant Physics that Govern the Permanent Mold Casting Process using Simulations
Rabi Bhola, Bholster Technologies (Canada)

Using the FLOW-3D General Moving Object Model to Simulate Coupled Liquid Slosh - Container Dynamics on the SPHERES Slosh Experiment aboard the International Space Station
Richard Schulman, Florida Institute of Technology (USA)

Sponsor Presentation

Advanced Visualization and Communication of FLOW-3D Results using EnSight
Kevin Colburn; Computational Engineering International (USA)

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