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Presenters for the 2012 FLOW-3D World Users Conference

Speakers have been announced for the 2012 FLOW-3D World Users Conference. Go here for a list of poster authors and their topics.

2012 Presenters and Topics


Advances in User Productivity — The 10.1 GUI and Beyond…
John Ditter; Flow Science

Flow Science Development Roadmap for FLOW-3D
Michael Barkhudarov; Flow Science

Potential Additions to FLOW-3D by Flow Science Japan
Raed Marwan; Flow Science Japan


A Path to Long Life Heaters in Inkjet Printers
Shirish Mulay; Lexmark International, Inc.

Application of FLOW-3D to Tsunami Analyses
Osamu Kiyomiya1 and Yasunori Nemoto2

1Waseda University
2Flow Science Japan, Ltd.

Design of a Tangential Vortex Drop Structure Using FLOW-3D
Ryan Edison, PE; AECOM

Analyses of Solidification Parameters During the Die Cast Process
A. Reikher and H. Gerber; Albany Chicago LLC

Evaluating High Head Ratios for Labyrinth Weirs
Bruce Savage1, Brian Crookston2, Greg Paxson3

1Dept. of Civil Engineering, Idaho State University
2Schnabel Engineering and Dept. of Civil and Environ. Engineering, Utah State University
3Schnabel Engineering

Internal Generation of Waves using Mass-Momentum Source
Kwang-Oh Ko1, Chang-Beom Park1, Yonguk Ryu1 and Sung-Bum Yoon2

1Hyundai Institute of Construction Technology,
2Hanyang University, Dept. of Civil & Environ. Eng.

Optimisation of GDC and HPDC Process and Design Using Flow Simulation — Case Studies
K. Raghavachary, S. Murugaian, Santosh Korde, Shekhar Choudhary, Sohail Khan, S. Kumar; Aurangabad Electricals ltd.

Simulation of Melting of Alloying Materials in Steel Ladle
Petri Väyrynen, Lauri Holappa, and Seppo Louhenkilpi; Aalto University, School of Chemical Technology, Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Using Numerical Techniques for the Prediction and Management of the Russian River, California
F.A. Bombardelli, S. Hegde, K. Hewett, D. Behrens, and J. Largier; University of California, Davis


Understanding FLOW-3D Results Better with EnSight
Kevin Colburn; Computational Engineering International

FLOW-3D/MP Certified Workgroup Clusters with Silicon Mechanics
Tim Groen; Silicon Mechanics

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