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Poster Session at the 2012 FLOW-3D World Users Conference

Poster authors and their topic have been announced for the 2012 FLOW-3D World Users Conference. Go here to see the list of presenters at the conference, including talks from Flow Science developers.

The poster session will be held Wednesday, September 12 at 6:00 - 8:00 pm in conjunction with the Opening Reception in Northpoint Lounge at the Hyatt at Fisherman's Wharf.

Poster Session Authors & Topics

Application of Empirical Constants for the Eddy Viscosity on the Wake and Jet using FLOW-3D
Young Jun Cho and Il Heum Park; Chonnam National University

High Performance Computing with FLOW-3D
Gandharv Kashinath, Anup Gokarn and Michael Barkhudarov; Flow Science

Hydraulic Modeling of Whitewater Kayak Parks Using FLOW-3D
Nell Kolden, Brian Fox; Colorado State University

Motion Curve Optimization of Intermittent Conveyance Bottling Machine for Reducing Liquid Vibration
Ken'ichi Kanazawa and Ken'ichi Yano; Mie University

Numerical and Physical Model Test of Pile Supported Slit Wall Breakwater

Kwang-Oh Ko1, Chang-Beom Park1, Yonguk Ryu1 and Sung-Bum Yoon2

1Hyundai Institute of Construction Technology
2Hanyang University, Dept. of Civil & Environ. Eng.

Optimal Algorithm to Multimodal Solution Space Formed by FLOW-3D

Yoshifumi Kuriyama1 and Ken’ichi Yano2

1Gifu National College of Technology
2Mie University

Optimization of Gating Design in Unified High Pressure Die-casting Products using FLOW-3D
Han-Goo Kim1, Jung-Ho Le, Bok-Hyun Kang2, Kwang-Hoon Park

1R&D Center, KODACO
2R&D Center, Soft-Tech International

Predictions of Process Variables in Producing an Bulk Amorphous Alloy by Planar Flow Casting
Bok-Hyun Kang, Kwang-Hoon Park, Ki-Won Hong, Sung-Yul Yoo; R&D Center, Soft-Tech International

The Application of FLOW-3D in Metalcastings
Yu Che Lin; JONSHIN Mold Industrial Studio

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