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Presenters for the 2010 FLOW-3D World Users Conference

Speakers have been announced for the 2010 FLOW-3D World Users Conference. Stay tuned for a list of poster participants and their topics.


2010 Presenters and Topics

Keynote Address - Footprints on the Path to Flow Science
C.W. "Tony" Hirt, Flow Science

Looking Toward the Future: Introducing FLOW-3D Version 10.0
Michael Barkhudarov and James Brethour, Flow Science

A Post-Processing Tool for FLOW-3D Results Analysis
Junying Qu, KGS Group

Application of FLOW-3D in Manitoba Hydro Pointe du Bois Projects from 2009 to 2010
Shuangming Wang, Paul Chanel, Kevin Sydor, Manitoba Hydro

Application of FLOW-3D to a Savonius Water Current Turbine
Nahidul Khan, Memorial University of Newfoundland

A Tour Down Under

Shane Donohoo, David Ho and Karen Riddette, WorleyParsons

Boundary Dam Numerical Model
David Fuchs, Joe Groeneveld, Hatch

CFD Simulation of Flow and Heat Transfer in the 3D Structure of an Open-Cell Metallic Foam
B. Saberi, S. Saberi, Green Twirl Energy Ltd.

Design and Optimization of a Hydroelectric Project’s Intake Structure and Sluiceway under Construction using FLOW-3D
Julian Gacek and Yannick Bossé, RSW Inc.

Modeling a Flow Divider in a Power Tunnel using FLOW-3D
Laurent Bilodeau and Stéphanie Thériault, Hydro-Quebec

Proving Leonardo Da Vinci's Genius Using FLOW-3D
Stefano Mascetti, XC Engineering srl

Realistic Numerical Simulation for Design and Operation of Offshore Structures
Ernst W.M. Hansen, Complex Flow Design

Reliable Large Eddy Simulations – Basic Analysis of Flow Behavior - When Can I Trust a LES?
Markus Grünzner, Technische Universität München

Romaine 2 Hydroelectric Project: Use of FLOW-3D for the Design of Hydraulic Structures
Marc Payette, SNC-Lavalin, Inc.

Use of FLOW-3D for the Optimization of the Intake of a Hydroelectric Plant
Michel Tremblay, SNC-Lavalin, Inc.

Use of FLOW-3D Model for the Design of 6 Hydraulic Structures on the Rupert River
Jean-François Mercier, AECOM Tecsult inc.

Exhibitor Presentations

Advanced post processing and visualization techniques for FLOW-3D users using the latest EnSight version
Martin Faber, CEI

High Quality Animation and Time-Saving Automation with FieldView
Shane Wagner, Intelligent Light