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FLOW-3D Webinars: Real-World CFD

Water and Environmental

Mapping Hydraulic Zones of Influence and Thermal Plumes: Towards EPA 316 Compliance Using FLOW-3D

Section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act requires that the location, design, construction and capacity of cooling water intake structures reflect the best technology available for minimizing adverse environmental impact. In the context of Section 316(b) of the Clean Water Act, fully detailed, topographically accurate, three-dimensional CFD flow modeling analyses using computational tools like FLOW-3D allow designers, operators and regulators to accurately and reliably gauge cost and environmental aspects of design, modification and build options. In this webinar we demonstrate the ability, suitability and practicality of the three-dimensional free surface modeling software FLOW-3D to accurately capture the long range upstream and downstream hydrodynamic zones of influence associated with cooling water intake structures (CWIS). We also demonstrate the ability of FLOW-3D to accurately map thermal plumes for exhaust flows associated with CWIS structures.

Download the accompanying presentation slides here.

FLOW-3D for Hydraulic, Water Resource and Coastal Engineering Applications

This webinar from Flow Science introduces FLOW-3D's numerical modeling capabilities in the context of hydraulic, water resource and coastal engineering applications. Professionals in these industries, particularly those with an interest in numerical modeling but who do not currently take full advantage of the detailed, accurate, three dimensional solutions offered by software such as FLOW-3D, should find this short presentation very informative. We will focus on presenting a broad set of hydraulics related applications and physics that can be tackled using FLOW-3D and will also demonstrate the software's ease of use and versatility. The final slides are devoted to parallel up-scaling and high performance computing using the recently released FLOW-3D/MP v5 parallel version of FLOW-3D. Throughout the course of the presentation we will highlight how the computation of detailed simulations of large scale problems can now be run in a matter of days or even hours on modern desktop computers.

Download the accompanying presentation slides here.

Accurate Spillway Modeling for Hydroelectric Power Plants

This webinar presented by Flow Science engineers and Paul Chanel of Manitoba Hydro, explores CFD analysis used for modeling spillways in existing and proposed power plants.

Optimizing Design and Operation of Hydraulics Structures using CFD

In this hydraulics webinar, Flow Science engineers discuss two successful hydraulics projects using FLOW-3D, a high level CFD simulation tool. This demonstration covers a successful fish ladder renovation project and the evaluation of a spillway's performance during revised PMF conditions.

Simulating Instantaneous Dam Breaks with FLOW-3D

Presented by engineers from Flow Science and Northwest Hydraulic Consultants, this webinar explores analysis performed by Northwest Hydraulic Consultants to validate FLOW-3D for the simulation of sudden dam-break flows using high-quality experimental data from the European IMPACT dam-break project. Highlights include: an overview of FLOW-3D's modeling capabilities for hydraulics applications; validation of the code using experimental data from three different setups; and applying FLOW-3D to real dam-break flows. Learn more about water & environmental solutions using FLOW-3D.

Fluid Structure Interaction

Simulating Wave Interaction with Solid Structures Using FLOW-3D

Flow Science sales engineers discuss how FLOW-3D's unique features make it ideally suited for simulating wave interaction with solid structures. FLOW-3D is a computational fluid dynamics software that can be used to accurately model the 3-D motion of solid structures dynamically coupled with water. FLOW-3D can simulate fully coupled fluid/s. Learn more about fluid structure interaction solutions using FLOW-3D.

Metal Casting

Simulating Aluminum HPDC: Comparing Two Runner Systems and Resulting Defects using FLOW-3D Cast

In this webinar, Flow Science engineers discuss successful high pressure die casting projects using FLOW-3D Cast, a highly-accurate casting simulation software for filling, solidification, and stress analysis. The demonstration covers an ongoing analysis done by Flow Science and C & H Die Casting. FLOW-3D Cast was used to analyze the flow and shrinkage defects in a thin-ribbed cover made of aluminum 380 alloy cast within a stainless steel mold. This webinar presents the results from the two runner types and the benefits of modeling the shot sleeve in HPDC simulations.

Prediction and Alleviation of Core Gas Defects using FLOW-3D

Flow Science engineers along with project leaders from Caterpillar and Alchemcast discuss successful foundry projects using the core gas model in FLOW-3D, a highly-accurate CFD simulation tool. The demonstration covers simulations of T and saddle cores from Graham White Manufacturing and an engine block water jacket core from General Motors. FLOW-3D was used to analyze core gas flows to eliminate defects due to binder gas blowing into metal.


Advanced CFD Simulations in Biotechnology using FLOW-3D

This webinar illustrates the benefits of using computational fluid dynamics as an auxiliary R&D tool for simulating processes within pharmaceutical, biomedical and drug delivery industries.


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