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Friday, June 15
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Flow Science Inc.

Presenters for the 12th FLOW-3D European Users Conference

Speakers have been announced for the 12th FLOW-3D European Users Conference. This year's conference offers two full days of user presentations that showcase FLOW-3D results in traditional applications like hydroelectric projects and metal casting, as well as demonstrate the broad applications of the software, with topics such as wave energy conversion, salt core technology, forward roll coating, and ancient water wheels. Below are the speakers and their topics.

Read the Flow Science Press Release.

2012 Presenters and Topics

Advances in user productivity - the 10.1 GUI and beyond
John Ditter, Flow Science

The FLOW-3D development roadmap
Michael Barkhudarov, Flow Science

Analysis of phase separation in coating masses
Julien Bœuf, Alexander Ibach; Roche Diagnostics GmbH

Brno, Jeneweinova – design of retention tank
Tomas Studnicka, Ondrej Pavlik, Petr Prax; Pöyry Environment a.s.

Casting of a large steel pump casing with 2 ladles
Mik Doms; Allard-Europe N.V.

Comparison of FLOW-3D and a physical model flow simulation for a complex hydraulic design in the main sewer at the south of Valencia (Spain)
Rafael García-Bartual, Daniel Valero; Instituto de Ingeniería del Agua y Medio Ambiente,
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

Core viability simulation for the salt core technology in high pressure die casting
B. Fuchs, H. Eibisch, C. Körner; Institute of Materials Science and Technology of Metals, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, AUDI AG

Extreme wave loading of a point absorber wave energy converter in a numerical wave tank
Peter Arnold; Wavebob

FLOW-3D simulation for different operating scenarios of the powerhouse at the barrage Włocławek in Poland
Oscar Herrera Granados, Stanisław Kostecki; Institute of Geotechnics and Hydrotechnics, Wrocław University of Technology

Influence factors on the film splitting in forward roll coating
Bettina Willinger, Lisa Ziegler, Antonio Delgado; Institute of Fluid Mechanics, FA University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

Initial stage of two-dimensional dam-break waves: laboratory versus VOF
Mario Oertel and Daniel Bung; University Wuppertal

Modeling vortex with 3D CFD: Complementary CFD software and physical model for design of water structures
Maaloul Hela, Guyot Grégory, Archer Antoine; EDF-CIH

Numerical simulation of flow and upstream fish movement through a fishway
S. Abdelaziz, M. D. Bui, and P. Rutschmann; Institute of Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering,
Technische Universität München

Optimization of efficiency in the water wheel using FLOW-3D
Rafal Marciniak, EINAR S.A.

The diffraction of water waves caused by large-diameter, circular cylinder. The inviscid-fluid case.
Agostino Lauria; Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, Università della Calabria

The golf ball model - A comparison between physical model and a highly-resolved numerical model
Markus Grünzner, Technische Universität München

Exhibitor Presentations

Understanding FLOW-3D results better with EnSight
Darin McKinnis, CEI

Multi-objective optimization using ModeFrontier coupled with FLOW-3D
Alberto Clarich, Marco Carriglio; ESTECO srl

Solving optimization problems using the FLOW-3D software and IOSO multiobjective optimization package
Dmitriy L. Butrimov, Yuriy I. Babiy; Sigma Technology

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