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Presenters for the 11th FLOW-3D European Users Conference

Speakers have been announced for the 11th FLOW-3D European Users Conference. Below are the speakers and their topics.

Read the Flow Science Press Release: Speakers Announced for the 11th FLOW-3D European Users Conference >

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2011 Presenters and Topics

FLOW-3D v10: Fully-Coupled Fluid Structure Interaction
Michael Barkhudarov; James Brethour, Flow Science

Wave Interactions with Virtual Breakwaters and Numerical Armour Stability
Fabio Dentale, University of Salerno (MEDUS)

Modelling Coarse Granular Media in FLOW-3D
Dieter Vanneste; Peter Troch, Ghent University

3D Numerical Simulations of Flow under Vertical Sluice Gate at Abruptly Contracted Channels
Antonio Miglio, Università della Calabria

Contraction Effects of Piers in Tainter-Gated Standard-Shaped Spillways on Discharge Capacity, Upper Nappe Profile of Flow and Transition to Controlled Flow
R. Gorria; F. Lafon; G. Guyot, EDF-CIH

Large Eddy Simulation – Influence of the Model Adaptions in Version 9.4.5
Markus Grünzner, Technische Universität München

Preparing for Flood Events – the Modernization of Nysa Dam
Bernard Twaróg, Institute of Water Engineering and Water Management

FLOW-3D Simulation and Comparison with Physical Model Results in the Kavsak Dam Spillway Design
Mehmet Ali Kökpınar, State Hydraulic Works

Optimizing Casting Process Parameters for Homogeneous Aggregate Distribution in Self-Compacting Concrete using FLOW-3D: A Preliminary Study
Jon Spangenberg; Cem Celal Tutum; Jesper Hattel, Technical University of Denmark

Optimization of the Die Cast Die Vacuum System using Numerical Simulation
Alex Reikher; Hal Gerber, Albany Chicago LLC

Prediction of Microporosity Apparition during the Solidification of Aluminum Alloy
Ngadia Taha Niane, PSA Peugeot Citroen

Simulation of Casting in Semi-Solid State, Predicting Oxides in Aluminum Rheocasting Process
Iñigo Loizaga, CIE Automotive

Comparison between Conventional and Twisted Savonius Rotor
Imtiaj Hassan; Nahidul Khan; Tariq Iqbal; Michael Hinchey; Vlastimil Masek, Memorial University

Bladder-Fluid Coupling in Spacecraft Sloshing Tanks for High Accuracy Attitude Control
Roberto Da Forno; Alberto Bettella; Mattia Biolo, MDA srl

A Study of the Accommodation Coefficient in FLOW-3D
Diana Gaulke; Michael E. Dreyer, ZARM Universität Bremen

The Vortical Structures past the Ahmed Car Model
Agostino Lauria, Università della Calabria

Exhibitor Presentations

Advanced Post-Processing of FLOW-3D Calculations using Ensight
Federico Monterosso, OMIQ srl

An Integrated Pre-/Post Environment for FLOW-3D
Torbjørn Alstad; Stein Inge Dale, Ceetron

IOSO Design Optimization Software, Features, Possibilities, Approach, Real-Life Application Examples
Ivan Klochkov, Sigma Technology; Stefano Mascetti, XC Engineering

Unsteady Analysis and the New Requirements for CFD Post-Processing
Lothar Lippert, Genias Graphics GmbH & Co. KG/Tecplot Inc.

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