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CFD-101: The Basics of Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling

The Most Comprehensive Online Resource for CFD Basics

Dr. Tony Hirt, founder of Flow Science
Dr. C.W. "Tony" Hirt, the founder of
Flow Science and originator of the
FAVOR™ and TruVOF methods.

Welcome to CFD-101, Flow Science's primer on Computational Fluid Dynamics, edited by Flow Science's founder and VOF pioneer, Dr. C.W. (Tony) Hirt. In this section, we give a general overview of a variety of issues in computational fluid dynamics.

For Beginners to CFD

For beginners there is an introductory article, Simulating Fluid Flows with Free Surfaces, which serves as an elementary introduction to how one goes about making computational models of fluid behavior. This article also includes an introduction to a simple method for including free surfaces in a fluid-flow model.

General CFD Articles

A brief summary of CFD issues is given in the article About CFD. Several additional articles cover general topics in CFD such as:

The modeling of specific types of physical phenomena are discussed in several more articles such as:

CFD Numerical Issues

Articles covering a variety of numerical issues important for the making of accurate simulations include:

Special CFD Modeling Techniques

Last, but not least, there are a few articles discussing special modeling techniques used in our own FLOW-3D program. These articles are intended to explain how these special methods work and why we selected them. They are titled:

We have only touched on a few of the many features that must be considered when attempting to make useful, accurate and efficient computational models. Because there are many papers and books available for gaining a basic grounding in CFD, we have chosen here to focus primarily on a few topics that are not generally included in the standard references. Please use the menu on the right to explore this CFD reference tool.

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