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Wave Modeling

Wave Impacts

The prediction of critical loads on marine structures such as oil production platforms in random storm waves is critical. Physical mechanisms leading to water on deck and bow flare slamming, and the resulting responses, must also be analyzed. FLOW-3D simulations can provide predictions of water propagation on the deck, resulting impact load on structures, and large-scale wave-propagation and its impact on columns.

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Computational Fluid Dynamics Predicts Air Gap and Wave Impact Loads of Offshore Structures

Predicting Air Gap and Wave Impact Loads of Offshore Structures

Wave impact on a gravity-based structure
Wave impact on a gravity-based structure. Image courtesy of Stress Engineering Services.

The calm-water air gap under offshore platform decks is a critical design parameter and is determined by the required minimum air gap in extreme design conditions. FLOW-3D can be used to effectively in the prediction of air gap and wave impact loads on offshore platforms, tension leg platforms and semi-sumersibles.

Modeling Wave Generation

FLOW-3D's surface wave generator model based on Fourier series extends the wave generation capability to all periodic non-linear waves. Tsunami waves can be simulated using a solitary wave model; a random wave generator creates realistic wave conditions at open sea; and a periodic wave profile can be used to define fluid initial conditions to speed up the approach to a steady-state wave pattern.

Random Waves

A rescue buoy floating in rough sea, modeled using the random wave generator.

Fourier Waves

A periodic wave represented using a Fourier series method, hits a breakwater structure.

Solitary Waves

A solitary wave hitting a partially submerged structure.

Visualization of wave patterns and run-ups on a GBS using FLOW-3D. The wave was a regular wave of 5.5 m wave height and 8.4 sec period. The scale was 1:40. Courtesy Oceanic Consulting.