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CFD Industries

FLOW-3D is used all over the world by organizations ranging in size from Fortune 500 firms to small, family-owned enterprises, in both R&D and production settings, to tackle the most challenging flow simulations in a wide variety of application areas. Follow the links on the right for a sampling of what you can accomplish with FLOW-3D in the major industries we serve.

FLOW-3D is also used to solve varied and interesting design and production issues which are not shown in the industries on our website. Some of these unique CFD applications are featured below.

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Milk Crown Phenomenon

Elastic Roll

This simulation of the milk crown phenomenon shows the formation of a milk crown created by the impact of a droplet on a thin layer of fluid. Courtesy of Flow Science Japan.

Analysis of a roll with elastic solids, with low modulus of elasticity, e.g., rubber. Courtesy MDA SRL.

Coil in a Water Heater

Concrete Casting

Simulation of a coil in a water heater being heated by electrical resistance. Courtesy of XC Engineering.

Simulation of the concrete casting filling process using FLOW-3D Cast, metalcasting software. Courtesy of Simtech Systems.

Valve Simulation

Dip Soldering

Welding Simulation

Granular Flow - Hourglass




This FLOW-3D simulation shows sand flowing under gravity in a two-dimensional hour glass. The small black lines are velocity vectors. Red indicates the sand density, which is mostly fully packed. Read about the granular flow modeling capability in FLOW-3D.