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Water & Environmental Engineering

FLOW-3D is a valuable CFD tool for developing design and implementation options over a wide range of issues facing hydraulics engineers, from large hydroelectric power projects to small municipal wastewater treatment systems. Simulation can play a crucial role for testing design options, helping to reduce complexity and focus efforts on optimized solutions. The valuable insights derived from numerically testing different design options can save considerable time and money.

FLOW-3D specializes in transient, free-surface flows making it the ideal tool for simulating fluid where the surface varies spatially and is either constant or varying in time by employing numerical algorithms.

Simulating the Hydraulic Zone of Influence Associated with Cooling Water Intake Structures

Cooling Water Intake Structures (CWIS) have the potential to disrupt river and reservoir habitats. FLOW-3D allows engineers to accurately evaluate upstream and downstream Hydraulic Zones of Influence (HZI) for different design options. Simulation post-processed with FlowSight, coming soon in FLOW-3D v11.

Tracer visualization: Transient flow under an aqueduct using FLOW-3D

Tracers are a powerful tool to visualize the movement of fluids in environmental applications of FLOW-3D.

Modeling Spillways, Hydraulic Jumps and Structures

Free-surface flows are those with a distinct interface between fluids with a high degree of density variation such as water and air. Modeling free surface flows requires advanced algorithms combined with general flow equations and turbulence modeling. This capability enables FLOW-3D to capture the trajectory of flow from a spillway, hydraulic jumps and surface variations formed by flow about submerged structures.

Shown here is FLOW-3D's ability to capture a hydraulic jump. The jump forms at an angle within a channel due to the design of the flow restricting barrier and flow reflections.


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