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Dam Safety

Another use for FLOW-3D is in the analysis of flows whose return interval is large. In the context of dam safety, these problems can involve the determination of spillway performance and dam stability during infrequent and extreme flooding events.

In this simulation of a dam discharge during a high flood event, FLOW-3D accurately and robustly predicts jet impingement flow characteristics. In this example, air entrainment concentration is being modeled and particles are used to visualize some of the flow details.

Determining Probable Maximum Flood Conditions

FLOW-3D can be used to analyze load conditions at any flow rate including probable maximum flood (PMF). In order to do this the rating curve needs to be accurately captured and all flow effects included such as the Tailwater flows with stilling basins and hydraulics jumps. FLOW-3D can simulate all aspects to be sure the spillway and stilling basin can handle the flows without the problems associated like uplift, cavitation and abrasion.

The advantages to CFD simulation are that it takes less time than physical modeling and avoids the scaling effects of friction, turbulence, air entrainment and release, fluid structure interaction and local scour below energy dissipaters because everything can be modeled at full scale.