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Welcome to our fun page! In the midst of all the interesting, but technical content on our website, we thought we should feature some FLOW-3D results that are serious in nature, but not in appearance. Some of the simulations shown on this page were done to demonstrate a specific capability of FLOW-3D, while others were created out of pure whimsy. Many of these "fun" animations were modeled using the General Moving Object model, whose fluid structure interaction capabilities are unique to FLOW-3D.

We hope you enjoy this page and look forward to your contributions. If you have an animation you would like us to add to this page, please send us an email.

    Fun CFD simulation: Scary FLOW-3D         Pacman: A fun CFD simulation using FLOW-3D    
  Fun CFD simulation: Pool Break Fun CFD simulation: Bouncing Cubes Fun CFD-simulation: Season's Greetings 2011   Dolphins: A FLOW-3D CFD simulation CFD simulation: Icy Drink Flirting Objects: A CFD simulation using FLOW-3D Ice Cream Cone Filling: A fun CFD simulation  
Fun CFD simulation: The Loch Ness Monster Fun CFD simulation: Happy 2010! Fun CFD simulation: Cascading Objects Coffee Spill: A fun CFD simulation Dominoes: A fun CFD simulation Rolling Cylinder: A FLOW-3D simulation Sloshing Bowl: A fun CFD simulation Spinning FLOW-3D: A fun CFD simulation Feliz 2010! A fun CFD simulation Rocket Power! A fun CFD simulation
  Fun CFD simulation: Zebra Cone CFD simulation: Beer Glass Filling Mixing: A FLOW-3D CFD simulation Mug & Straw: A fun FLOW-3D CFD simulation Spinning Top: A FLOW-3D CFD simulation Shishiodoshi Water Device: A fun CFD simulation Tic Tac Toe: A FLOW-3D CFD simulation Inverted Pendulum: CFD Simulation CFD simulation: Droplet Collision
Stuck Particles: A fun CFD simulation     Ball in Funnel: A fun CFD simulation   Fun CFD simulation: Newtons's Cradle Speedy Boat: A FLOW-3D simulation   CFD simulation: Jet landing in water


Jet Landing in Water        Safer Plane Landing!

This simulation of a jet landing in water was created using FLOW-3D CFD software. Courtesy of Professor Markus Schmid, FH Nurnberg.

This hydro plane simulation was created using FLOW-3D CFD software. Courtesy of Professor Markus Schmid, FH Nurnberg.
Droplet Collision        Ice Makes a Splash!

This droplet collision simulation was created using FLOW-3D CFD software. Courtesy of Professor Markus Schmid, FH Nurnberg.

This CFD simulation demonstrates the fluid structure interaction between an ice cube and a liquid. Courtesy of Professor Markus Schmid, FH Nurnberg. CFD software used: FLOW-3D.
Enjoy a Drink!        Season's Greetings!

Enjoy this fun CFD simulation of a beer glass filling. This simulation was created using CFD software, FLOW-3D. Courtesy of Dan Gessler.

A wonderful animated greeting sent to us by our ever-creative customer and friend at Allard in Belgium, Mik Doms. Thanks, Mik!
The Loch Ness Monster        Newton's Cradle

It's green. It's slimy. It's FLOW-3D meets the Loch Ness monster. Courtesy Terrabyte.

This simulation could go on forever. Courtesy Terrabyte.
Zebra Cone        Inverted Pendulum

You don't have to choose just one kind of ice cream with this flavorful animation of a "zebra cone." Courtesy Terrabyte.

This simulation of an inverted pendulum is a representative example in control engineering. Courtesy Terrabyte.
Feliz 2010   Pacman Meets CFD

Simulaciones y Proyectos wishes all a Feliz 2010 with this CFD simulation.

This pacman-like animation demonstrates a conceptual microfluidic device in which fluid is flowing through a series of interconnected channels. When the fluid reaches a corner in the channel it experiences an impulsive force which drives it out of the corner. The fluid is wetting relative to the channel surface so surface tension pulls the droplet down against the surface. Viscosity damps the motion until a droplet reaches another corner where it is accelerated again. Courtesy Terrabyte.
Happy 2010   Cascading Objects

CFD simulation using FLOW-3D Cast. Courtesy of Allard-Europe nv.

A wall of water traverses a stepped channel forcing many solid objects to flow downstream. This example demonstrates fluid/solid coupling and spatial recognition of solid objects as they collide with each other and with the channel bottom.

Speedy Boat

  Flirting Objects

A boat, propelled by a prescribed force to the hull, speeds through the water, narrowly avoiding buoyant debris floating in the water.

Two solid objects with pinned connections swing back and forth, colliding at various times. Collision behavior between solid objects is defined by a coefficient of restitution and a friction factor
in FLOW-3D.
Scary FLOW-3D   Coffee Spill

FLOW-3D shows its dark side as fluid is initialized as 3-D text at time zero. The transient solution makes the fluid appear to melt as gravity draws it downward.

Sometimes accidents happen. But you can predict them with FLOW-3D. Courtesy CFD Solutions.
FLOW-3D Salt Dissolution   The Domino Effect

The FLOW-3D logo gets modeled with the Salt Dissolution model. Courtesy Flow Science Japan.

Sometimes one simulation causes another simulation to be simulated. Simulation of domino collisions. This example demonstrates FLOW-3D’s ability to simulate spatial interaction between many solids.

FLOW-3D   Shishiodoshi

FLOW-3D goes psychedelic.

Simulation of a Japanese bamboo water hammer. Courtesy of Terrabyte (Japan).
Ice Cream Cone   Mixing of Two Fluids

This animation is screaming for attention, but maybe it deserves it. FLOW-3D can simulate many physical processes — this simulation not only applies GMO, but uses the Thixotropic Viscosity model. Courtesy of Terrabyte (Japan).

FLOW-3D can represent mixing with a passive scalar to show varying concentrations. Variable density fluids can also be simulated to show mixing or separation. Courtesy of Terrabyte (Japan).
Mug & Straw   Pool Break

A cooled-down animation demonstrates fluid-solid interaction and micro-collision. Courtesy of Dr.-Ing. Mario Oertel of University of Wuppertal.

The hustler meets the engineer in this early animation demonstrating the General Moving Objkect model's capabilities. This example demonstrates fluid/solid coupling and spatial recognition of pool balls (solid objects) as they collide with each other.
Rolling Cylinder   Falling Bowl

A rolling cylinder with a higher temperature than the tilted plate transfers heat to the plate as it rolls down the slope.

A falling bowl spills out liquid in a unconfined sloshing example.
Spinning Top   Sticky Particles

A gyroscope is initialized at a high rotational velocity. Angular momentum keeps the object stable. Simulated with the general moving object model. Courtesy of Terrabyte (Japan).

A sphere moving through particles.
Tic Tac Toe   Pet Rocket

Various objects thrown about in a computational domain by a rotating cross. This example demonstrates spatial recognition of solid objects as the collide with each other.

Launch of a water-propelled model rocket. Courtesy of Terrabyte (Japan).

Bouncing Ice Cubes

  Swimming Dolphins

This simulation depicts buoyant cubes with one cube initialized in the fluid and the other cube dropped into the fluid. This is an example of a completely coupled fluid structure interaction using the General Moving Object model.

Simulation of dolphins swimming. Courtesy of Terrabyte (Japan).