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Wave Energy Conversion

WECPOS – Wave Energy Coastal Protection Oscillating System

Flow simulation results of WECPOS wave energy device using FLOW-3D
Simulation results of WECPOS structure using FLOW-3D

In recent years, the interest in developing new technologies to produce energy with low environmental impact by using renewable sources has grown exponentially all over the world. Devices that derive electricity from the sea (currents, waves, etc.) are of particular interest and can be modeled accurately with FLOW-3D. Learn more about modeling both wave energy and coastal protection.



Numerical Modeling of the Wave-driven Resonant, Arcuate-action, Surging Power Absorber (WRASPA)

Material courtesy of Manchester Metropolitan University and Lancaster University United Kingdom.

WRASPA-a wave-energy device-in experimental tank
Reality to simulation: WRASPA in (top) experimental
wave tank and (bottom) numerical wave tank

The Lancaster University's website provides the following information:

"The WRASPA, or Wave-driven Resonant, Arcuate-action, Surging Power Absorber, is a hinged device which operates in Pitch-Surge. It is envisaged that the device will operate in water depths of 20-50m.

The device has undergone an initial proof of concept set of tests and signs of power capture are in line with expectations. A joint research program of shape optimization, funded by the Joule Centre in Manchester, is currently being pursued at Lancaster and Manchester Metropolitan Universities."

Numerical model of a wave energy device

Simulating a Pelton Wheel

Simulating a Pelton wheel using FLOW-3D
Simulation of a Pelton Wheel.
Courtesy Charles Ortloff.

A Pelton wheel is described in Wikipedia as follows: "The Pelton wheel is among the most efficient types of water turbines. It was invented by Lester Allan Pelton (1829-1908) in the 1870s, and is an impulse machine, meaning that it uses the principle of Newton's second law to extract energy from a jet of fluid."