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Elastic and Visco-Plastic Materials

Simulation of a rubbery ball

FLOW-3D CFD simulation of Bingham material
Bingham material forced through die

With FLOW-3D's elastic stress model, it is possible to simulate the transient response of elastic-visco-plastic materials, which are materials that behave as elastic solids up to a certain yield stress, beyond which they behave like a viscous liquid. The elastic stress is computed incrementally from one time step to the next, which makes it easy to simulate large deformations.

One example of this is the ability is to simulate the behavior of purely elastic bodies. For example, a rubbery ball, 4 cm in diameter, whose elastic modulus is 10 kPa and density is 1 g/cm, is bounced off a solid surface.

Another example is that of a viscoplastic, or Bingham, material being forced through a cylindrical die by a uniform pressure gradient, as shown below. The material has an elastic modulus of 1 kPa and a yielding stress of 0.1 kPa and is forced through a 1 cm diameter die.