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Coating Simulation Insights

FLOW-3D has many numerical modeling capabilities ideal for engineers interested in improving coating performance. Computational simulation is an excellent way to study the relative importance and effect of different physical processes affecting coating flows. In physical tests it is not always possible to separate processes or arbitrarily adjust the magnitudes of those processes. In the examples in this section, simulations are used to investigate details of several coating issues that are relevant to many coating applications. These include such things as rivulet formation, fingering, evaporation, contact-line movement over rough surfaces and fluid absorption.

Die of slot-coating using FLOW-3D's FAVOR technique
Die of slot coating die using FLOW-3D's FAVOR™ technique, which permits rapid and easy mesh generation for intricate shapes.
Multi-block meshing coating example in FLOW-3D
With multi-block meshing capabilities in FLOW-3D, users can quickly capture complex geometries.