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Investment Casting

Investment casting, one of the oldest known metal forming techniques, is used to this day to produce components with complex shapes. Its advantages include low equipment cost, high dimensional accuracy, excellent surface finish, and broad material selection. It is essential to the success of casting companies to be able to produce high quality components with the lowest cost and shortest development times possible.

FLOW-3D's powerful physical models can simulate the complex investment casting process, allowing users to analyze wax injection, metal filling, and the metal solidification process as well as accurately predict defects. This analysis can help casting companies better understand the investment casting process, improve component design, reduce defects, and shorten development time.

Sequence of an investment casting filling simulation using FLOW-3D metalcasting software
Sequence of an investment casting filling simulation with a constant flow rate condition at the upper boundary. In the analysis, the splashes on the mold caused by the injection of the melt decreased the metal temperatures, resulting in defects such as cold shuts. Courtesy Soft-Tech International.

Lost Wax Casting

Investment casting of turbine wheels using FLOW-3D.


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