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Highly-Accurate Metal Casting Simulation Software

FLOW-3D Cast - accurate metal casting simulations

The use of FLOW-3D Cast in your casting design process translates directly to savings that improve your company's bottom line. FLOW-3D Cast provides engineers and designers with powerful tools to enhance their experience and expertise. The savings come from cost reductions and cost avoidance. Now, quality and productivity issues can be solved in less time and with lower costs by evaluating alternative concepts with simulation before die steel is cut or molds are modified. And, the effectiveness of new tool development can be improved by solving the problems before production begins.

FLOW-3D Cast v4.0 is coming soon. Download the FLOW-3D Cast brochure. A Spanish version is also available for download.

FLOW-3D Cast contains a wide variety of physical models specially designed for casting. These special models include algorithms for lost foam casting, non-Newtonian fluids, and thermal die cycling. If you want to improve the accuracy of your simulations and the quality of your cast products, then FLOW-3D Cast is the simulation tool for you.

Identifying surface defects in a die casting of a steering wheel
Backside of steering wheel where the highest concentrations of surface defects are located. Post-processed with FlowSight, coming soon in FLOW-3D v11. Courtesy of Hellebusch Tool & Die Inc.


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