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Lost Foam Casting: Filling Simulations

Many defects in castings are caused by the trapping of air at the melt/air interface as it flows into the casting cavity and breaks up. The lost foam casting process reduces defects by filling the casting cavity with a rigid foam that burns away when the melt contacts it. This keeps the melt from intact.

FLOW-3D Cast's lost foam casting simulations provide engineers with the insight necessary to design filling process parameters, such as pour temperature and pressure, gate sizes and locations and foam properties.

A filling simulation for a lost foam casting.

The image above is from a filling simulation for a lost foam casting of a 6-cylinder engine block. The metal is aluminum (AL A356) and is fed into the mold through an inlet at the bottom of the casting. The fluid is colored by temperature.

Lost Foam CFD Validation

A real-time simulation vs. X-ray filling validation from General Motors Powertrain.

Lost foam filling simulation colored by surface defects.

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