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High Pressure Die Casting: Filling Simulations

When modeling high pressure die casting, the most difficult challenge is to accurately track the metal as it enters the die cavity under high pressure and at great speeds. The resulting jetting and splashing of the metal throughout the cavity presents the greatest obstacle to prediction of defects for any software. The examples given here show how FLOW-3D Cast realistically simulates the filling of a part in high-pressure die casting problems.

High pressure die casting fill colored by temperature.

High pressure die casting fill of a v6 engine block. Colored by temperature.

High Pressure Die Casting fill of a 4-cavity die colored by fluid temperature.

For information on physical models that apply to the filling process, refer to FLOW-3D Cast's air entrainment, cavitation potential, and defect tracking models in the FLOW-3D Cast Defect Prediction section.

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