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Foundry: Accurate Filling Simulations

Filling in a casting process consists of analyzing the filling pattern and associated defects, for instance, whether defects are sent to an overflow or remain trapped in the part. Simulation analysis allows a design to be tested before ever going into production, both validating its effectiveness and saving money.

The accuracy of the filling is not only important to track the locations of oxide defects and entrapped air, but it is also key for solidification results. A correct fill pattern means a correct thermal pattern at the end of the fill. This thermal pattern is the basis for a solidification analysis.

Sand Casting Filling Simulations

The filling of a sand casting of a steel engine block. The metal is is fed into the mold through an inlet at the bottom of the casting. The fluid is colored by temperature.

Filling of a sand casting using grey iron simulated with FLOW-3D Cast.


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