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Defect Prediction: Modeling Die Erosion

FLOW-3D Cast accurately predicts die erosion due to cavitation during filling in high pressure die casting. Metal pressure can drop several atmospheres below the metal vapor pressure in areas of very fast flow, possibly causing cavitation and erosion. A simple way to predict damage due to cavitation is to predict the likelihood of the cavitation, or the cavitation potential, without actually introducing cavitating bubbles into the flow.

Locating die erosion using FLOW-3D simulation
Reduced areas of die erosion after a design change

FLOW-3D Cast evaluates the cavitation potential by looking at the difference between the cavitation pressure and the local fluid pressure. The potential for cavitation and die erosion at the cell’s location is deemed to exist when this difference is large. The most reliable indications of possible die erosion are highly-localized "hot spots," that is, small areas with high values of this quantity.

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