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Simulating Centrifugal Casting with FLOW-3D Cast

In centrifugal casting, a permanent mold is rotated about its axis at high speeds (300 to 3000 rpm) as the molten metal is poured. The molten metal is centrifugally thrown towards the inside mold wall, where it solidifies after cooling. Another similar form of casting is centrifuging.

Centrifuging is used for forcing metal from a central axis of the equipment into individual mold cavities that are placed on the circumference. This provides a means of increasing the filling pressure within each mold and allows for reproduction of intricate details. This method is often used for the pouring of investment casting pattern.

Centrifugal Casting Simulations

Centrifugal casting simulation of a 6-cavity die

Multi-cavity, 3D centrifugal casting simulation

Centrifugal casting of a multi-cavity die showing temperature profile.